Issue 004: Anger - Feels Zine
Issue 004: Anger - Feels Zine

Feels Zine

Issue 004: Anger - Feels Zine

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What is anger?

Is anger its own emotion, or is it a reaction we have in moments of guilt, fear, trauma, disappointment, and pain? What stories are being revealed when we feel angry? Issue 04 explores what the experience of anger is expressing to us and to others, when it is hurting us, and when it is telling us something we need to hear.

This issue comes with a free foldout poster by Maia Boakye.

Alyssa Max, Annie Davies, Breton Lalama, Carmina Mari Miana, chantelle marie blagrove, e. e. scherz, Emma Hansen, gillian cott , Julia Monson, Katrina Hui, Kristen Zimmer, Latiana Blue, Leah Marie Kirkland, Leviana Coccia, Loti, Maia Boakye, Maria Karambatsakis, Margeaux Feldman, Martina Kudumija, Myling Pak, Nadia Markova, Nate Nettleton, Nicholas Tristan, Parmeet Birdi, Priyanka Saju, Rebecca LeachTalia Ianni, Vanessa Grillone, Zoe Guttenplan.

• 54 pages
• 7.5" wide by 9.5" tall
• two colour risograph print
• saddle-stitch binding