Currently gracing TKVO's walls: 

 Walter Segers

Born and raised in Belgium, Walter Segers has been happily creating art in Toronto since 1993. He graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design University in 2008 and received OCADU's prestigious M.C. McCain Post Graduate Photography Residency in 2009. His photo-based works have been shown in Toronto at 1313, Spin, Show, Propeller, P|M, John B. Aird and the Gladstone galleries. In Ontario, he exhibited at Open Studio in Sudbury and at FHM in Cambridge.  Segers’ photographs have been shown internationally in Prague and Zlín in the Czech Republic, New York, and his most recent exhibition ‘double vision’ was in Belgium. The online magazine and art app Wondereur featured the series What I Did On My Summer Vacationand Segers has been published in Frank by The Genteel, Fab Magazine, IN TORONTO, Pixie & Rotter and Papirmasse. His latest work was published in ArtWindsor magazine.

 Walter Segers – What I Did On My Summer Vacation – 

The autobiographical series What I Did On My Summer Vacation is inspired by real-life travels and wistful make-believe. Segers uses the cultural icon Ken for societal and political commentary by placing Ken in witty staged scenarios. His observations about Ken dolls dressing style and colourful early-1960s are eye opening: vintage Ken was a “beautiful” man - not rugged or handsome, but pretty – and Walter mirrors himself to Ken, and those ideal measurements. Throughout the photographs their ensembles change with every destination and are key to communicating the moods of each location through the Ken dolls’ personalities. This series explores the interaction between location and individuals thus influencing each other.  


Images © Walter 

Glenn Crawford - Paper Dudes Series

Well mounted in understated shadowbox frames, PaperDudes is a new erotic ‘graphic’ art series by Glenn Ross Crawford.

Taking inspiration from origami, kitsch art and male erotica, each piece is carefully hand-cut and folded to create a subtle, yet explicit, male nude in three dimensions using only two sheets of different coloured or patterned stiff paper. Models’ tattoos and piercings are faithfully recreated by hand in each artwork.

While typically using models from a variety of classic porn archetypes, such as ‘twinks’, ‘bears’, ‘daddies’ and ‘jocks’, by reducing the dudes to basic shapes and forms, standard factors of objectification such as beauty, age and race are removed, allowing us to appreciate all men equally as works of art.

The artist is happy to create custom works as requested by the client. Past commissions have included a client’s favourite porn star, Greek statuary, or a portrait of them or their partner.