Happy Alone Patch - Stay Home Club

Stay Home Club

Happy Alone Patch - Stay Home Club

Patch designed by Olivia Mew, founder of the Stay Home Club.

Happy Alone. Years into putting this on stuff, it's still the most succinct description of our personalities. 

A teeny 2.5" x 0.75" woven patch with iron-on backing.


❤ Garment should be clean and freshly laundered.
❤ Set iron to highest temperature setting for 5 minutes no steam
❤ Thoroughly iron area of garment where the patch will be placed
❤ Place patch on garment (embroidery facing up)
❤ Place light cloth over patch and press iron firmly down for 30 - 45 seconds
❤ Turn garment inside out and iron the back of the patch for 30 seconds
❤ Let cool for 1 minute, if edge of patch can be lifted repeat the last step
When, or if, you wash your garment the patch may come off. For thicker fabrics or items that get lots of use, we recommend to add a few stitches for reinforcement.