I Feel Everything Patch - Ambivalently Yours

Ambivalently Yours

I Feel Everything Patch - Ambivalently Yours

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When all those feels get together it can be mind-boggling. We're right there with you in all that wonderful and terrible bliss that are feelings. This red and blue embroidered patch is made with a lovely pink felt. How do we feel about that? Pretty darn good.

3" x 3"


  • Warm your iron to medium heat (around 240 F)
  • Pre-heat the location where you're going to put your patch
  • Place your patch (with a thin cloth on top) and iron with moderate pressure for 5-20 seconds
  • Turn the garment inside-out and iron the patch firmly for 20-30 seconds


As always, for thicker fabrics or items that get lots of use, we recommend to add a few stitches for reinforcement.