Little White Lie Candle 10oz - Lamb & Kiss

Lamb & Kiss

Little White Lie Candle 10oz - Lamb & Kiss

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Treat your senses to the aroma of a White Tea & Ginger scented soy candle.

All Lamb & Kiss candles are made with all natural soy wax and are scented with high quality fragrances. Each candle in small batches.

They burn cleanly and easily and are super fragrant because we use the maximum amount of fragrance oils. We don’t know about you, but when we burn candles we like them to fill the room. We can assure you these do, in fact, you can even smell them if you leave them unlit on your desk.

In an effort to keep their products as pure and natural as possible Lamb & Kiss does not add any UV stabilizers or additives. As a result over time soy wax may discolor or yellow. It is recommend you display your Lamb and Kiss candles away from direct sunlight or strong florescent lighting.

White Tea & Ginger

Glass jar, all natural soy wax, Eco cotton wick and fragrance oil.

10 fluid ounces of wax