Poison Longsleeve in Black - Revel and Riot

Revel and Riot

Poison Longsleeve in Black - Revel and Riot

The "Poison" t-shirt explores systemic oppression, economic policies, state sponsored and personal violence that have a toxic - very often lethal - effect on humanity and the earth. To make a point that these insidious systems and ideas must be analyzed, unlearned, and actively rejected, the design features a minimalist poison bottle with skull and crossbones, the text on the bottle reads:


patriarchy - misogyny - abuse - rape - colonialism - war - genocide - fanaticism - white supremacy - racism - police brutality - capitalism - commodification - exploitation - slavery - mass incarceration - classism - gender binary - transphobia - homophobia - normativity - ableism - repression


The design by Revel and Riot was inspired by the 1968 anti-media print by Atelier Populaire "Presse - Ne pas avaler"

"Poison" is printed in white ink on a black 100% cotton, ring-spun jersey, longsleeve shirt.